Your main workbooks are provided to you and auto-submit to ATLAS upon creation. You can read more on why this happens.

However, from time-to-time you may need to manually submit your work for assessment. 

All of your assets are private until you choose to share then. The only exception to this is your main workbook. (Anything attached to your workbook is also submitted by association.)

Step-by-step guide

Select the tabs to follow how to share your asset to ATLAS for assessment.

  • Go to your assets store,
  • find the asset you’d like to share, 
  • select the ‘i’ button to the right

  1. wait for the sidebar to open
  2. select the ‘I want to…’ button
  3. choose ‘share’ from the list

From the pop-up screen, choose ‘for assessment’.

  1. Choose the workspace to submit to (e.g. placement portfolio)
  2. Choose the submission point to send to (e.g year 1)
  3. Agree to the terms and submit.

Look for the icon to show you your asset has successfully shared to ATLAS for assessment.

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