From the dropdown list, search for The University of Northampton under T. Ensure you can see the Universtiy of Northampton logo on the login page to know you are in the correct place.

Usernames: Depending on which type of user you are, your username will differ slightly.

  • Students = your student number
  • Tutors = your staff login ID
  • Mentors = your work email address

Password: Firstly, this is an automated password emailed to you upon the creation of your account. Please check your inbox – including your junk mail folder – to find it.

When you first access PebblePad, you’ll be asked to change your password straight-away. We recommend you change it to match your NILE password to make it easier to remember. Your PebblePad account is personal to you, so do not give your login details to anyone.

Reset a password

 You can reset your password by following these steps if:

  • You have forgotten the current one
  • You didn’t receive the email containing your original password


Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the forgotten password page from the PebblePad login screen
  2. Fill in your username (see below)
  3. Check your email for a web link (this only lasts for 24hrs)
  4. Click the link and fill in a new password for your account

Q: I can’t change my password because I don’t know the original!

A: You don’t need to know your original password if you’ve forgotten it. You’ll just need to know your username (see above)

Q: I’ve tried to reset my password but no email has arrived!

A: Please check your junk mail folder in your email. The message will be sent from PebblePad (not University of Northampton). You must do this within 24 hours.

Q: I’ve tried to reset it says ‘Sorry, no account could be found with that username’. What’s wrong!

A: Please double-check you have typed your username correctly (see above). You can only reset your password if your account is active.

Change password

To change your password from the automated one emailed to you.

  1. Go to the change your password page from the PebblePad login page
  2. On the new screen fill in your username, (current) automated password and (new) University-wide password.
  3. Select ‘change’’

Your password will be changed.

You can now return back to the main login screen and proceed and a copy of your new password emailed to you for confirmation.

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