A mentor is also known as a practice educator or by pebblepad as an external assessor.
Before you can share your workbook with your mentor:

  1. Your workbook must already be submitted for assessment.
  2. Your mentor must have an active PebblePad account.

If you have both, you can now share with your mentor.

How to share

Open your workbook.
Click I want to (top-right of the screen)
Choose Share
External Assessor

  Please see below for more detailed instructions or if you are unable to do this.

Multiple connections

You can connect as many external assessors (mentors / practice educators etc) to your workbook as required. So if you’re working with someone for a day, a week or a full placement, they can have a link to your workbook. The mentor must have a PebblePad account for you to do this.

Answers to common questions

Having problems? Please read over these to find the answer you need.

My mentor doesn't have a PebblePad account
Your mentor will need to request one first before you can connect them to your workbook. You cannot connect to someone who doesn’t yet exist in PebblePad.

Please ask your mentor to request an account by filling in this form. It will take a few days to process so please be patient.

Once the account is created your mentor will be informed and you will then be able to search for and connect with them.

There isn't an option to share 'with external assessor'
If you have followed the steps to connect your mentor but you don’t appear to have the option to share ‘with external assessor’ this is because your workbook isn’t submitted to ATLAS.

Usually, workbooks submit automatically so you don’t need to worry about doing this. However, from time-to-time there is a problem and you’ll need to manually submit.

You can check if your workbook is submitted by looking at the icons in your asset store.

If you need to manually submit your workbook you can follow this guide.

Please note, you cannot share individual assets with your mentors for validation. They will need to be attached to your workbook.

I cannot find my mentor when I search for them
You will need to know the full and accurate work email address of your mentor. You cannot partially type an address (e.g. Joe.bloggs@) and search as nothing will be found.

If you are definitely typing the correct email of your mentor (and they have confirmed this) the error is because your mentor doesn’t have a PebblePad account.

Your mentor will need to request an account first by completing the request form (this will take a few days to process).

Once created you will now be able to repeat the process above and connect your mentor

My mentor can only see one workbook - I have others too
If you have multiple workbooks you are completing and you require your mentor to see them all, you will need to share each workbook separately.

You are in control of what your mentor sees and for how long. Simply follow the steps shown on this page to share each of the assets and workbooks you need validating.

I'm using a mobile device and I cannot share with my mentor
Some mobile devices and browsers are having problems with the searching and connecting mentors.

If you are using a mobile phone or tablet and have issues connecting your mentor, please try using a laptop or desktop computer. Or at the very least a different mobile device. 

I have shared 'with people' not 'an external assessor'
When sharing assets you have the option to share ‘with people‘. This option is meant for collaboration – and not validation.

If you have shared your workbook in this way with your mentor, they will not be able to validate your work.

You’ll need to remove this share and instead ensure you share ‘with an external assessor’.

I have filled in my 'Placement Information page', why isn't my workbook connected?

Filling in your workbook with your mentor or coach’s details is for information only. It has no effect on whether your mentor is linked or not. You will need to follow the separate steps highlighted on this page to link your mentor to allow validation.

How to share with your mentor

Follow this step-by-step guide to share with your mentor (external assessor). Click the tabs to see each step. Alternatively, watch the video below.

 Go to assets and find the workbook you would like to share with an external assessor.

Your workbook must have already been submitted for assessment. This is indicated by the icon shown. See how to manually submit your workbook, if you can see it has not been submitted. 



Look for the ‘i’ button to the right of the workbook and select.


From the top menu, select the ‘I want to…’ button.


From the options, choose Share


Select With an external assessor


Your mentor must already have an account in PebblePad. If they do not you won’t be able to connect them.

You must search for the email address associated with your mentor’s PebblePad account (not another address).

You need to type the address correctly and in full – any mistakes and your mentor will not be recognised.

If recognised your mentor’s account will be attached below.

If not, please try typing a different address. 





Add a date of when the share will stop with your mentor. This must be added. Please give your mentor adequate time to validate your work. 

Please note: The share will expire at 00:01 on the date you set. If you chose 17th March expiry date, it will be visible up until midnight of 16th March.

You can extend the share with them, delete and reconnect as required. 
You are in full control of which mentors see your workbook, when and for how long.

 Confirm this share by saving at the bottom of the page.

You can add a message to your mentor if you feel it helpful – this is optional.

 To finalise and return to your PebblePad dashboard, close the sidebar.

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