Once a deadline has passed, any work a student does to a workbook (or other submission) is no longer submitted to ATLAS for assessment. The ‘live link’ between the two copies is cut.

If a student requires an extension, and you agree to grant this, any work done between the deadline passing and the extension being approved will auto-submit. In other words, the ‘live link’ between Pebble+ and ATLAS is restored.

How to give a student an extension

Go to the workspace where the student’s submission is in.

Look for the Management button in the top menu bar.

Select and then choose assignments. 

Select the icon to the right of the assignment to go to the extensions page.

On the extension page, find the student (or students) you’d like to grant an extension to. Tick next to their name(s).

In the box at the top, type the number of days the extension should be granted for. The new deadline will appear below on the right.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and confirm to save.

Some important things to note about extensions

Extensions are applied to each individual, not to the assignment. This enables you to have different extensions for different members for the same assignment.

An extension can be applied even after the deadline has passed and will be calculated from the deadline date, not the date that the extension is applied.

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