There may be times where you’re having trouble with your Pebble+ and you need some help. To do so you have two options:

  • visit in-person your tutor or Learning Technology to help
  • grant someone temporary access to your Pebble+ so they can view remotely

Remember, your Pebble+ is yours and nobody has access to this without your expressed permission.


This should only be used for technical assistance, not for validation. If you would like to grant access to an external assessor (mentor, practice educator etc) please refer to this guide.

If you’d like to give someone temporary access, please follow these steps:

  • Login to Pebble+
  • from the burger menu (top left), go to Help and support > temporary access

On the Temporary Access page

You can either give access to Learning Technology or PebblePad.

To give temporary access:

  • choose To an administrator for How do you want to give access.
  • choose either LearnTech (UoN) or PebblePad Support from the dropdown list.
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