What can I upload?

You can attach a wide range of files to your workbook, including photos, Word documents and PDFs. You are not limited to what file types you can upload. 

Read more about uploading files into PebblePad by logging into PebblePad and go to the Learning Centre.


Upload the file

  • Login to Pebble+
  • From the dashboard look for Upload New
  • From the drop-down choose File
  • From the new window, complete the details and browse for the file from your computer
  • Save and upload


You are able to upload images direct from mobile devices.

Attach to your workbook

It’s also possible to attach documents to parts of your workbook as evidence.


  • Open your workbook in edit mode.
  • Go to the rosette in the section where you’d like to attach your evidence.
  • Click on the Add an Asset button
  • Search for the asset you’d like to use as evidence.
  • Click on Done and your asset will be added to your Workbook.
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