Apps Alert! Seminar Dates Announced

Othello (Wikimedia Commons)

It’s time for students to start app-lying themselves! The following sessions will be dedicated to using apps in seminars and getting student feedback on the experience:

The Othello App with Dr Richard Chamberlain

Session 1: Thursday 27th November, 9am-11am (MR33)

Session 2: Friday 28th November, 9am-11am (MY36)

‘The Waste Land’ App with Dr Gerri Kimber

TS Eliot Plaque (Wikimedia Commons)

Session 1: Tuesday 20th January, 4pm-6pm (MY36)

Session 2: Wednesday 21st January, 9am-11am (MR34)

Session 3: Thursday 22nd January, 11am-1pm (MY35)

The Shakespeare’s Sonnets App with Dr Meghann Hillier-Broadley

Shakespeare Portrait (Wikimedia Commons)

Session 1: Tuesday February 3rd, 9am-11am (MR10)

Session 2: tuesday February 3rd, 11am-1pm (MY35)

Session 3: Friday February 6th, 3pm-5pm (MR 36)

The Carmilla App with Dr Lorna Jowett 

Session 1: Monday 12th January, 6pm-9pm (MR33)

In preparation for each of these sessions, the ‘Opps for Apps’ team will be on hand to assist with any questions or queries.

Carmilla.jpg (Wikimedia Commons)
Nineteenth century illustration from Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla which was first published in The Dark Blue (Wikimedia Commons).