Symposium on 17 June to share results of UN innovation projects

There are a number of exciting projects around the use of apps and ipads currently going on at UN. We’ve now made contact with our Innovation bid colleagues in the Department of Education and are delighted that they have agreed to participate in our forthcoming Symposium on 17 June. Helen Caldwell, Helen Scott and a number of other School of Education colleagues will offer sessions on the following aspects of their research:

  1. Apps for Innovation School of Education Project: Exploring agile classroom learning
  2. Apps for Innovation School of Education Project: Exploring learning across boundaries

The first would look at how iPads can help make learning more explicit within the classroom, the second would look at how they can enable learning to¬†flow across settings and make it more ‘seamless’.

We look forward to sharing and comparing the findings of our research on the use of literary apps.