This is something that needs to be addressed with children to ensure that they stay safe online.

There are a number of websites and groups set up to try and tackle this.

An example of this is childnet who offer support and resources for teachers to use with their pupils.

It is vital to brief pupils about the dangers of meeting people online and how to protect themselves. As well as this it is also important to talk to them about suitable ways in which to use the internet and to treat people online in an appropriate way. This includes not cyber bullying.

Schools often have posters displayed around the school to remind pupils of the correct way to use the internet. An example of this can be seen below.

( http://www.woodfield.wigan.sch.uk/E-Safety )


Due to the fact that social media and technology is being used by an increasingly younger age it is becoming more important to inform pupils about what is out there on the web.

Scratch! Session 5

This lesson we have been learning about coding. Pupils can easily use this programme and create their own. When you use this online there is a step by step guide to help you.

We also discussed as a class about how the curriculum has changed to include this new subject, Computing. We looked at how a number of different sites can be used in the classroom such as Pinterest and Scratch. Pinterest is useful for teachers to share resources and ideas between each other in a simple yet clever manner.

We were then encouraged to try Scratch for ourselves. By teaching ourselves how to use this software it enables us to help pupils to use it and get the most out of it. My Scratch can be found above.


This session I have also added an RSS feed to my blog for the BBC Education website.

The Hour of Code!

In the previous session we were told about The Hour of Code scheme that is being rolled out across America. I decided to give this a go and came up with this.

Activities to learn about using code and activities that can be used with children can be found on this website: http://csedweek.org/learn

In the future it is predicted that coding will be a considered to be a basic thing that pupils will need to know. This means that us as teachers need to familiarise ourselves with it so we can be comfortable in teaching it.

Padlet! Session 3

This session we used a website called padlet.

The idea of this was to use technology across a range of schools. Our idea was to have a variety of schools across the country all singing a christmas song. They would then put all of these clips together to make a community themed song.

Skype could be used to talk to other schools and sing to each other.

We used padlet to add our ideas to a class wall so that everyone could see it. In small groups we all posted our ideas to the wall.

QR codes were introduced to use and explained how they can be used in the classroom. These are barcodes that when scanned can open up a web link or a piece of information. A way in which these could be used is to make a treasure trail around the school environment where the pupils have to scan the codes to find the clue about where to go next.