Session One.

In todays session we were manipulating media to use in the classroom. We decided to create a video of Is this the way to amarillo? This is because children in need is on friday and so this this activity could be done by the children.

We originally planned on using a green screen to change the background of where we were but the app for this would not work due to the ipad being updated to ios7 and the app itself not being changed. Because of this we decided to film it in different parts of the campus and then put the various clips together using Windows Movie Maker before later uploading to youtube.

This activity can be easily replicated by children but it shows the issue with technology. When planning to do this in the class the ipads would all need to be checked beforehand to ensure all are working.

This link from the BBC discusses iPads in the classroom and gives some key tips to teachers who are thinking about using them and ideas on how to get the most out of them.