This is something that needs to be addressed with children to ensure that they stay safe online.

There are a number of websites and groups set up to try and tackle this.

An example of this is childnet who offer support and resources for teachers to use with their pupils.

It is vital to brief pupils about the dangers of meeting people online and how to protect themselves. As well as this it is also important to talk to them about suitable ways in which to use the internet and to treat people online in an appropriate way. This includes not cyber bullying.

Schools often have posters displayed around the school to remind pupils of the correct way to use the internet. An example of this can be seen below.

( http://www.woodfield.wigan.sch.uk/E-Safety )


Due to the fact that social media and technology is being used by an increasingly younger age it is becoming more important to inform pupils about what is out there on the web.