Haiku Deck

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad


We created this using Haikudeck which a an app on the ipad. We got our inspiration from scanning a QR code and getting the title The language of art and design. 

This app is simple and can be used with pupils. The photos are already stored on the app and can easily be chosen by the pupils. This was designed for use in a languages week whereby the school is learning about different cultures and countries from around the world.

I have added this resource to the teaching resources blog. This can be found at the following link: http://mypad.northampton.ac.uk/resourcebank/2013/11/19/oliver-and-williams-haikudeck/

RE session 4.

This session involved us talking about how IT can be used to benefit RE.

The three key ways in which IT can help with RE are : Enhancing teaching and learning. Improving administration and planning. Improving assessment and reporting.

Although only the first way directly helps the children the other two ways will help with RE as a whole and the children will reap the rewards of this in their learning. An example of this is using the internet to gain lesson ideas from other teachers and to share your own successful lessons/ideas.

As parents and carers are interested in knowing how their children are performing at school teachers could set up a blog or write on the school website letting them know what their class are currently studying in school and how they can be assisted at home.

Using IT in RE can allow pupils to view video clips and information online to gain a greater understanding about the topic that they are studying. It can have many different benefits if used effectively.