RE session 5.

This session was about looking at educational visits and how they can benefit learning in RE. We also looked at the pros and cons of having visitors in the classroom.

Bringing someone into the classroom can give information that comes directly from a primary source and can engage children more. It can excite them and up their interest levels. It will also allow children to ask questions but it is vital that these are thought up before the visitor comes in so that the teacher can ensure they are suitable. It is also important that the teacher checks what the visitor is going to talk about and they also need to make sure that the visitor talks about appropriate material.

Before moving onto talking about educational visits we were asked to talk about visits that we had been on as pupils. This helped to think about what makes a trip good or bad and why they are beneficial.

We then split into groups and planned a visit to a specific location. We chose Exeter Cathedral. We came up with different ideas about what pupils could do their on the day, this included ideas such as drawing windows or creating a piece of creative writing. There is also a virtual tour on the website. this could be visited before using ipads or the smartboard for the pupils to plan their visit.

Scratch! Session 5

This lesson we have been learning about coding. Pupils can easily use this programme and create their own. When you use this online there is a step by step guide to help you.

We also discussed as a class about how the curriculum has changed to include this new subject, Computing. We looked at how a number of different sites can be used in the classroom such as Pinterest and Scratch. Pinterest is useful for teachers to share resources and ideas between each other in a simple yet clever manner.

We were then encouraged to try Scratch for ourselves. By teaching ourselves how to use this software it enables us to help pupils to use it and get the most out of it. My Scratch can be found above.


This session I have also added an RSS feed to my blog for the BBC Education website.