Form generated etivity (Beta)

If you have material prepared in a Word file and some Internet links and really don’t like editing directly in NILE, you might find this tool useful. It is still in Beta, so isn’t advised for ‘critical’ content.

TWINE exampleThe form will generate an email containing HTML you can paste directly a NILE item (or any text editor box – it looks like this when imported). It also includes a file that can be imported into Twine, an open source interactive story tool that could be used to develop e-tivities which have a scenario based theme (for example).

This is an early version, with some limitations:

  • Images need to be added as URLs, so need to be hosted on the Internet. This isn’t a severe limitation as pictures can be uploaded to the content collection and a URL (permalink) obtained from there.
  • Only one embedded object (YouTube Video, etc.) can be added to the task or reflection
  • Only one link, with associated link text, can be added to the task or reflection
  • You must keep a copy of the URL Google forms generates once the form has been submitted if you want to edit and update your content
  • The style is very simple at the moment, but good enough for testing an e-tivity as part of a CAIeRO


Please contact Simon Thompson for more details on the process or how to use Twine

Click here to open the form in a new window (


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