Data Services for Learning

This is a general introduction to creating or using data that be consumed by students or instructors. Most readers are going to stop pretty much after that sentence, so this section is organised into mini projects that demonstrate how you can do some very interesting things. And not just interesting – they can save an awful lot of work that results from re-keying and duplicating, as well as overcoming some of the less exciting aspects of NILE.

Most online users are used to an environment where information is created dynamically and personalised to their needs – consider an Google Map search or booking an airline ticket – how does downloading a Word document and asking students to fill it in and email it to you compare?

Most of these ideas incorporate Google Apps (spreadsheets, documents and scripts) so will require an account. Please enjoy them and suggest any others you think should be included.

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I owe a huge debt of thanks to an army of scripters and dabblers who have done all the hard work you see here. My only claim is to have curated them and tried to link them to NILE External Application use. I don’t develop them, so please don’t ask.  Particularly meritorious (and voluminous) inadvertent contributors are listed below – if I am missing somebody please let me know.

is a web geek and founder of Digital Inspiration, a popular tech & how-to website since 2004. His Flipboard magazine is well worth subscribing to.

Martin Hawksey : By day Chief Innovation, Community and Technology Officer at ALT, by night a mashup, social network, analytics, apps script, data junkie

ahab Google Spreadsheet guru. If it’s got his name on it, it’s trustworthy advice.

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