Freemake Video Converter

For Windows PC users, Microsoft Movie Maker is often the first port of call  for amateur editors, whereas iMovie is a good option for Mac / IOS users. However, Freemake Video Converter, despite its name – has a brilliantly simple editor included. It also lets you create files of the right size and quality you need – excellent if your original file is too big to upload. You can also incorporate images (link title slides) into your video – just use the ‘join files’ option to string it all together.

While you can split a video file into sections and rejoin, it is easy to add your video several times, clipping out the sections you need in each instance. There’s a very simple choice of output formats which also estimate the final file size before you convert.


There is a video guide on the download page, and more on their YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/FreemakeTube).





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