Google Forms

google-formsGoogle forms are probably the simplest data collection tool that you could use, with the added benefit that data is neatly collected into a spreadsheet, ready for analysis. You will need a Google account to create forms, but no account is needed to use one.

Although not very sophisticated in that conditional branching isn’t ¬†supported beyond changing sections based on a single selection, the style of ‘new’ Forms has been greatly improved and forms can be embedded in¬†NILE content items. Quick charts can be generated directly from the form or associated spreadsheet. It is possible to use the content of a Google Spreadsheet (using Google Apps Script) to generate an HTML page or data feed, so you can publish updates to a web site directly (and almost in real time) from a Form.



Visit the web page generated by this form.

However, Forms should never record personal information (such as names and emails together) due to issues with Data Protection. This could cause a problem if your survey recipient wishes to withdraw a response, so make sure you make it clear to respondents that they will need to supply you with the date and time of their submission to your form … or ask them to submit under a nickname only they can identify.

This very helpful guide – written from a teacher’s point of view – will get you up and running quickly:




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