Padlet is a curation tool very much along the lines of Pinterest but more flexible. It could be used collaboratively or as a shared resource and can be embedded in a web site, including MyPad and NILE (using the HTML button on the text editor). Or even as part of a project management system – sprint backlogs, user stories or Kanbans in Agile management, for example. It’s beauty is its simplicity – even the most technophobic will have little difficulty in working out how to use it.

It now has an iPad app (which connects to the same account) and works on all modern browsers. For Android tablet (or even smartphone) users it is possible to use the web browser interface but there appears to be a memory issue if you attempt to attach a camera image on older or less powerful devices. This could easily be overcome by linking to an image stored on the cloud.

An example is embedded below.


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