janvasJanvas is an online vector graphic editor that creates SVG images. If that means nothing to you – don’t worry too much. It’s a tool that allows you to draw content on an HTML page and add interactivity to it. It does require users to have a Google account to save their work to, but you can use is to just create images. The great thing about vector graphics is that they stay sharp whatever size you display them – saving your work of art as a PDF will ensure that it remains sharp at any print size, so this is a good tool for posters. Sadly, PDFs do not retain any interactivity such as links or scripts – just the HTML versions.

There are a number of shapes and clipart images already included that can be adapted and finished material can be saved direct to your Google Drive as an HTML file. Probably not a tool for the absolute graphic novice, but it isn’t too hard to learn to use – especially for users familiar with HTML. You can use an iframe in NILE to embed the file created providing it is served on a secure HTTPS link – hosting the file in the NILE content collection would allow you to do this – or just create a weblink to the file in the left menu.

Here is a very simple example (an iframe embedded file hosted publicly on NILE):

The free version isn’t suitable for a lot of editing, being limited to 10 saves in a 30 day period. As of May 2015, Janvas was offering the Premium version for free until the next upgrade. There is a very capable alternative – if you wish to download and install it on a Mac, PC or Linux box – inĀ Inkscape


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