AppSheet allows you to use Google Drive Spreadsheets as a data source for a mobile app that works in web browsers or dedicated free Android and IOS apps. Although the restrictions based on the free version prevent more than 10 users, it is ideal for small group work or piloting a data based application.

appsheet screenshotCombining the app with data collected from a Google form means that up to 10 users can access and manipulate data collected from an unlimited number of internet users, which opens up some very interesting scenarios. It also includes the ability to map GIS data and collect signatures as well as being able to show filtered views of data from a menu. As the Google Spreadsheet data can be shared in its own right through publishing the sheet or a web app, there is the possibility that a quite complex system could be created. For example, app users respond to Google Form submissions and add data, then the results be published to a web page (which could be embedded in NILE). Clearly this process would need careful design and require some Google spreadsheet or scripting experience.

The paid for version is not unreasonably priced if a ‘real’ version is required, but installing the your app is a little more complicated than a dedicated native app so this does need taking into consideration for your target audience.

You can find an example here – there are many others in the gallery that can be used as a basis for an app of your own.

A powerful component that LearnTech are already using to develop a helpdesk/support system, we would be interested in working with other teams at the University and supporting development. Please contact Simon Thompson to discuss this further.



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