kahootKahoot is a response system that is very much on the same lines as Socrative in that there are web and native app versions.  However, Kahoot does offer discussion and surveying as well as questions. A bit of a borderline entry for NILEX, embedding in NILE isn’t really needed, you just need to make the entry point URL clear (https://kahoot.it ) and the ‘Game PIN’ via a Web Link or Content Item.

Kahoot’s weakness in HE is largely the terminology and layout, which is clearly aimed at younger users – Socrative might be more appropriate. But both systems rely on active participants having and maintaining an active Internet connection, which can be difficult at times on Campus and can waste time at the start of a session as students struggle to connect.  You should not rely on every student being able to participate. Arguably, this is less of an issue for off-campus sessions but there are specific (and better) virtual classroom tools available using Blackboard Collaborate or WizIQ – even if they are less ‘fun’!

You do need to be wary of all third-party data storage issues and never allow personal data to be captured. Summative assessments can never be created using tools like this.

Kahoot have produced a helpful userguide to explain possible uses.


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