dashboardQuizzes are a big part of social network sites and can be a great way to raise interest in a topic and link out to further resources. Some online quiz tools are specifically designed for this purpose and QZZR is one of those. It requires a free registration and gently encourages upgrades, but not over-aggressively. Users don’t need to be registered.

There is nothing too technically demanding in creating a quiz and while it couldn’t be regarded as completely intuitive, taking them is an easy affair. Outcome messages can be set based on a score and these can include web links (just add the URL as text, it will be converted to a link) to direct quiz takers to external sites.

You are encouraged to add images, which is fine in most cases, though small images such as icons and partial screen grabs behaved very strangely until the guide for image sizes was consulted. Analytics are very limited for the free version, but you do get an indication of which questions are causing difficulties, the number of attempts and completion rates.

Aside from being a tool for teachers to use with students, getting students to create quizzes for each other is an excellent way to get them to research a topic.

Here’s an example, embedded in an iframe tag (which NILE supports in its text editor – just use the ‘HTML’ editor and paste in the alternative embedding code provided):


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