Juicebox generates a simple (but effective) gallery that can be embedded in NILE with a little care. Although it produces HTML5 compliant code, it does use an Adobe AIR programme to author content – while this works on PCs and Macs, you would need administrator privileges to install it. The Lite version is free to use and has minimal branding to distract users. It can pull in local images or connect to images on Flickr.





It has some features that might be regarded as undesirable:weblink-embed

  • It doesn’t go back to slide 1 at the end
  • The ‘full view’ link top right is a bit obscure – clicking on the picture would make more sense but this just moves the slide on
  • You can re-program the top right icon to open an external web site, but it isn’t obvious (see above)
  • You can change pretty much nothing if you don’t like the format.

but the design is pleasant and titles and captions are neatly presented.


Using a Juicebox gallery in NILE

Once content has been generated, the files and directories need to be copied into a folder in the content collection. You should make the content of this folder public if you are going to link to it from elsewhere or use it as part of a guest access site.  Locate the index.html file and locate the permanent URL (as indicated in the screenshots).


Copy this URL to a new ‘Web link’ on your site menu to create a full page view of the gallery or embed it as an iframe in a content item using the ‘Insert embedded media’ icon on the text box toolbar. You can use this link to test integration (or just view it as an example):



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