Google Web Designer / Mugeda

Google web designer screen shotWhile HTML5 provides an opportunity to create animated, interactive web pages that can be hosted in NILE and elsewhere, most authoring tools are either too complicated for the average user or too simple to create a customised experience. Google Web Designer sits in the middle of the field – easy enough for the average user to create simple designs, but capable of incorporating fine levels of design and scripting.

complex design exampleIt’s a free downloadable tool (Windows, Mac or Linux), so needs to be installed.  Design (rather than code) led, it uses a timeline  and key frames model that will be familiar to users of other animation software. For the practised user, literally stunning 3D animated design is possible, so this may be a tool that students studying computer science or design related courses could use to prepare assessed work or portfolio pieces.


Mugeda logoIf you prefer a more ‘Flash’ like editor interface and don’t intend to code significantly, or don’t want to download Google Web Designer, Mugeda may be a suitable alternative for you. Like Google’s offering, Mugeda is aimed at users wanting to create interactive advertisements, but it can easily produce larger canvases. Probably not an application for a complete novice (HTML5Maker may be more suitable), 50 Items, 10 exports a month and 100MB of storage are available on a free account.


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