Silk boldly claims to have invented a web presentation format that deserves its own eponymous noun – a Silk

Essentially a single page web site which allows for a Lego style construction: video, text, social media feeds, links  can be inserted at will. But its strong point is its collections, groupings of mini-pages which can be assembled from spreadsheets. These can be very large, so Silk allows visitors to manipulate the display format from the default version that the designer sets. These formats include maps (the application GIS encodes for you), charts, graphs, lists, matrices and so on so what you have is a blend of web site and interactive infographic.

Silks can be private or public and allow for collaboration (users can be added as editors, administrators or viewers) so may be suitable for groups collecting and evaluating larger volumes of data than would normally be easy to manage in a wiki or web site. There are useful tutorials focused on the purpose users might have for a site – education, portfolio, knowledge base or so on.

Since November 2014 it has been possible to import directly from a Google Spreadsheet (or the Office 365 Excel equivalent) so linking data from a form which collects data is now possible. This isn’t a live link though – probably for the best as you may wish to moderate collected data before publishing it.

As a demonstration, a simple Silk presenting information relating to Learntech can be found at http://learntech.silk.co/


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