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Focusing on content rather than presentation, Haiku Deck cuts presentations down to the bare minimum. There are some basic built in animation/transitions when displayed on an iPad, but these don’t distract. Slideshows are very much in the ‘page swipe’ style that is currently popular and are excellent for less experienced presenters who tend to over-complicate their slides. Collaborative editing isn’t available though – if that is required Google Docs presentations are probably best to use instead.

There is excellent integration with cloud storage to include images, along with a simple embedded Flickr search for Creative Commons tagged images – attribution is clear in the edit mode and during display on an IOS device.

Registration by Email, Facebook or Twitter is required, though the basic version is free. An IOS (iPad) version is available and – since July 2014 – slides are now synchronized between the web version and your iPad.

Slides can embedded (as below), shared on social media, copied to Slideshare or exported to PDF (so Turnitin submission is easy), PowerPoint and Keynote. Notes can be attached to each slide.


Slideshows – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires


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