A useful online tool  for students (and instructors) as an alternative to using Visio or struggling with  Word or Powerpoint to create  diagrams.flow chart example

It only took a few minutes to create a simple diagram  and export it as an image on the right. There are a number of commercial variants of this Google tool such as Lucidchart, which are fundamentally the same.

  • It’s free, there’s no registration required and collaboration using Google Drive or Dropbox (of a sort – just sharing really) is possible
  • png, gif, jpg and svg image versions can be exported.
  • Source files can be saved and re-imported from your computer if you don’t want to store online.
  • A huge number of predefined shapes and images – UML, BPMN and mobile device mock ups are well catered for
  • Search and insert  images flagged for commercial re-use from Google.




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