Timeline tool linked to Google Spreadsheet

timeline exampleThis needs a Google account! See http://morganiseit.com/2013/06/10/timeline-js-easy-timelines-using-a-google-docs-spreadsheet/ or http://timeline.knightlab.com/ if you just want to jump in.

It also has to pop up in a new window – it can’t be reliably embedded in NILE. Boo!

Here is the result (from the dummy data template)



  1. Hi. TimelineJS can be embedded in NILE, doesn’t have to pop up in a new window 🙂

    • Yes, but be careful! If any of the URLs in the spreadsheet are NOT https:// it will fail. I would suggest only embedding timelines you create yourself. If students are doing this, opt for the pop out. 😉

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