Requires simple registration using an email, but a disposible one could be used. Content will be public and discoverable so care must be used to ensure content has no copyright issues.

Storify allows the collection of a range of Internet material (Web sites, tweets, YouTube videos, etc) into an ‘article’ that can be shared. It could be used by instructors to assemble resources (an improvement on a list of URLs!) or even to encapsulate an online activity or students to present a collection of material (it can’t be obligatory due to the sign up requirement, but it could be suggested as alternative to the universally provided MyPad). You can embed stories in stories to create a collection too.

There’s also a bookmarking tool (Chrome Extension) to add pages into an existing story or a private collection. So you could add to a list of resources in NILE without having to log in to change anything and you can embed the same resource list on several sites. Or manage your resource links through Storify completely.

The embed code generated works in NILE and there are two alternatives: ‘Full Header’ which includes a title and subtitle; ‘Mini header’ which omits the title and subtitle but offers a slideshow view.

An example (‘Mini Header’) is here:


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