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Sites and blogs, unless they are NILE content, cannot be submitted as assignments. This is because they can be altered after a submission date. But portfolio content is often needed by students for an online CV and it is difficult for material on NILE to be copied or made public.

If they have web based material on MyPad, students can export this easily to another site at the end of the course. And they can create PDFs of blog entries for submission through Turnitin or NILE.

print dialog imageFor this they will need Chrome  (right click the page and select ‘print’ – the dialogue on the right appears) or using a Firefox tool (add it from here: http://www.guidingtech.com/4293/web-2-pdf-firefox-add-on/) – which they should be using to access NILE in any case.

Format is not wonderful, but content, images and links should be fine. This works better with some sites than others, so do suggest that students stick to using MyPad or test their website of choice to ensure that content can be printed before investing a large amount of time.


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