Flipboard is a tablet based personal reader app, which supports most common tablet platforms. It is free, but an account will need an email address. Like Feedly and many other readers, it will consume news feeds and display them in a very attractive manner. You can collect material from a variety of social apps – Twitter, Linkedin, Soundcloud, Facebook and even Sina Weibo and Renren for Chinese users.flipboard cover

Flipboard ‘extra’ is the ability to create ‘Magazines’ from content in the app or by using a bookmarking tool to ‘Flip’ web pages into any of your magazines from a web browser. There’s lots of scope for using it to present your own material to students or get them you use it as part of an activity.

Groups of contributors can work together on a magazine together and there is a moderation system. Magazines can then be shared, subscribed to or even embedded on a web site (they will work inside NILE).

Magazine content can be organiser through a web based editor, but this is limited to the order the articles appear in (the first three articles are listed) and which article is used as the ‘Cover’ for a magazine.



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