The tools and applications here have been tested to some extent by LearnTech to ensure basic compatibility with NILE content (there’s more information about that here). Students using our approved browsers or an Android/IOS tablet should not be excluded if these tools are used. They are all free to use, but may require registration – if a ‘paid’ feature adds significantly, we will try to mention it as it may be something that could be funded from the Innovation Fund or your School’s resources.

Just because a tool is listed here doesn’t guarantee it will always work as described though or remain suitable (we can’t control development or changes in features). Aside from Xerte and the Form tool,  LearnTech (learntech@northampton.ac.uk / 01604 892696) don’t directly support these tools (though you may persuade a Learning Technologist to support the development of an interesting project as a case study), so you need to be prepared to invest some time in understanding how these tools work. And especially from a student’s perspective as either author or consumer.

If you want to link any of these tools to an assessment, thoroughly test the workflow as a student before you attempt to deploy it. Students often don’t refer to submission details until very late on into assignments, so be prepared to provide support documentation and (possibly) a briefing. Allowing for the export and subsequent submission of a final version that can be viewed by a moderator is essential for summative assignments – tools that offer a PDF export allow them to be incorporated into a Turnitin workflow  very easily.

Finally, if you do find a useful item that isn’t included here, please pass us its details and a brief overview. We’ll assess it and include it if we think it meets our standards for inclusion.

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