We recommend Blackboard Assignment

The Guides

This is our recommended workflow for this activity.

Further Advice

Where specific advice is required for differing courses or schools it will be displayed below along with other helpful guidance.

Group Assignments

You must create a group and allocate members before creating the assignment. Don’t create group assignments until the group membership is finalised as it can be difficult to make changes.

File Types

You need to be clear in your assignment instructions over which file types are acceptable or you may have difficulty opening the submitted files.

No Physical Submission

While it is easier to use this approach where there is a physical submission by students (this could be a proxy such as a plan, presentation slides, etc., or a piece of reflection), a grade centre column should be created manually when this is not possible. The grade centre column should be named in the same way as the assessment in the module guide so that students can correctly match the results that appear in their ‘Feedback and Grades’.

Grading Schema

How to convert number scoring into a grading letter.