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This is our recommended workflow for this activity.

Further Advice

Where specific advice is required for differing courses or schools it will be displayed below along with other helpful guidance.

Collusion and identity

The risk of collusion can never be completely eliminated from tests, but the risk can be mitigated by using sets of questions which address the same learning outcome assessment, but are randomly allocated using Question Sets. For questions which contain calculations, Calculated Formula Questions allow a range of possible questions and answers which can still be computer marked.

Identity is impossible to confirm in a purely online test, but results that do not seem representative of a student’s ability should be investigated in the same way that an atypical essay would be treated. One option is to deliver the test in a classroom under invigilation and protect the test with a Password that is only made available at the time the test is sat.

Mobile device compatibility

The full range of question types are not available on all mobile devices, though there is a specific Mobile Compatible Test tool which supports simpler question types. If more complex question types are used, the assignment instructions must include a clear warning that a laptop/desktop is required to take the test.

Grading Schema

How to convert number scoring into a grading letter.