This provides general guidance on setting up a Turnitin submission point. The settings used will be suitable for the majority of staff wishing to set up a Turnitin submission point. However, please be aware that some subject areas may have their own specific settings which will not be covered in this guide.

Please note that you will normally need to set up two Turnitin submission points per assignment.

  • The first is for the submissions expected on the due date. This submission point will collect the assignments submitted on time, those submitted after the due date from students who have an agreed extension, and those unauthorised late submissions.
  • A second submission point also needs creating for in-year and end-of-year resits. This is to collect any assignments from students who are allowed to resit the assignment (students with mitigating circumstances, for example).

Guide to Turnitin

Read the official Turnitin guide for further help.

Step-by-step guide

Follow the steps below to set-up a new Turnitin submission point in NILE.

  • Login to NILE and go to the module where you’d like the assignment to be submitted.

Turnitin - step 2

  • From the menu, go to ‘submit your work


  • With edit mode turned on, from the top menu bar choose Assessments > Turnitin Assignment

Turnitin - step 4

  • Choose the type of submission

Turnitin - step 5

  • Enter the settings to create the new submission point (see below for recommendations).


To set-up a submission point within your NILE module, please follow the steps outlined in the gallery above. You can scroll forward and back as required and click the image to enlarge for clearer viewing.

Assignment settings

In step 5 (above), enter the assignment settings as follows:

Assignment title this should always begin with the three character assignment code, e.g., AS1, ES1, PJ1, etc. You can then put the assignment title after the assignment code. If you are not sure what the assignment code is, please contact the Student Administration Team for your school. If the submission point is for an in-year or end-of-year resit, please indicate this in the assignment title, e.g., AS1 Resit, ES1 Resit, etc.
Point value 100
Start date the date that you want to accept submissions from.
Due date the hand-in date.
Post date the date on which grades and feedback are released to students. Normally this will be four working weeks from the due date.

Optional Settings

Unless you have been told otherwise, or if you have your own preferred way of setting up Turnitin assignments, we recommend using the following optional settings:

Enter special instructions Use this space to enter additional information that you want your students to see before they submit their assignment
Allow submissions after due date? Yes (for first-sit assignments)
No (for re-sit assignments)
Originality report 
Generate originality report for submissions?  Yes
Generate Originality Reports for student submissions: Immediately (students can overwrite until due date)
Exclude bibliographic materials from Similarity Index for all papers in this assignment? Yes
Exclude quoted materials from Similarity Index for all papers in this assignment? Yes
Exclude small matches? Yes
Exclude matches by: 5 words
Allow students to see Originality Reports? Yes
Reveal grades to students only on post date? Yes
Enable anonymous marking? No
Submit papers to: standard paper repository
Search options:
Student paper repository
Current and archived internet
Periodicals, journals, & publications
Attach a rubric to this assignment? No rubric
Would you like to save these options as your defaults for future assignments? Ticked

Setting up the Grade Centre column

The final step in the process is to set up your Turnitin assignment column in the Grade Centre. The column will have been automatically created for you when you created the assignment, you just need to check the settings, and alter one or two of them.

This stage of the process is important as it ensures that your students will see a letter grade, rather than a score between 0 and 100. It also ensures that the grades will not be released to students until you are ready.


Access the Grade Centre by going to ‘Control Panel > Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre’


A new column will have been created in the grade centre for your Turnitin assignment.

Hover over the column title, click the circle (to the right) and from the dropdown menu choose ‘edit column information‘.


In Column Information

  • change the Primary Display from Score to UnderGradLetter, orPostGradLetter, depending on whether you are marking undergraduate work or postgraduate work.
  • The Due Date can be left blank, as this is controlled by Turnitin.
  • The Options will normally be set to No by default. If they are not, please set them to no. It is particularly important that Show this Column to Students is set to no, otherwise your students will be able to see their grades as they are entered.

Click Submit to save your changes to the column.


It isn’t a requirement to use a rubric to grade an assignment, but you may find it helpful. If so, this will need to be created and attached when the assignment is set-up, not after the deadline when you come to mark.

Guide to Rubrics

To see how to set-up a rubric, follow Turnitin’s official guidance.

Further help

If you have a specific issue using this tool you can find answers to frequently asked questions on our NILE FAQs support site.

NBS Marking

If you’re a member of the Business School, please refer to this specific grading guidance.

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