Adaptive release

Your content should have been structured using content folders and items. This help with the organisation and ease for students to find what they need. As an additional set to help deliver content as it’s needed – rather than all at once – you can use a feature known as adaptive release. This helps by allowing you to prepare materials in advance and only have it release to students when you’d like them to see it.

Guide to Adaptive Release

Adaptive release controls the release of content to users based on a set of rules you create.

Student preview

Once you’ve designed and prepared your materials, you’ll want to make sure the correct items are available (i.e. visible) to your students as they require it. As an instructor on a NILE module, turning edit mode off gives you a partial view, but not a truly accurate representation. To see exactly what your students see (and don’t), you can use the student preview mode. Once turned on, student preview will allow you to:

  • view all visible content
  • take a test
  • write a journal or blog

By exiting, any entries you’ve created can be deleted.

Guide to Student Preview

Use Student Preview to see how your content appears to your students.
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