Resource Bank

I hope you’ll enjoy browsing our very own resource bank and that you’ll also have some ideas to add. We wanted to create a space for students to share ideas and plans that would be useful on placements. At the moment most of these ideas are around the use of computers but the aim is that you could post on any primary subject.

Here’s a guide on how to contribute to the resource bank:   How-to-add to the resource bank

You may like to take some time to explore the resources. Here is a Prezi, for example, introducing the topic of Weather. I really like how the whole presentation fits into the stamp on the postcard:

Click on the postcard or the link to view the original Prezi in the resource bank and notice that it actually works within the blog.  You can also embed Popplets, videos or Scratch games. Here’s how:     How-to-embed-items in your blog

Have a look at Amisha’s fabulous iMove trailer on the Gingerbread Man story:

And this wonderful version of Hairy Maclary made with PuppetPals by Hayley Elley, Sarah Battams and Hayley Hughes:

They also have some good suggestions for using it across the curriuclum.

Please think about adding your own teaching ideas. They don’t have to be whizzy: often the simple ideas are the best.