Creative Computing

In this session we will be looking at the new computing curriculum and exploring ways of introducing computer science concepts to young children. Have a look at these well-known technology experts talking about how they first learned to code:

We’ll think about how children can begin with programmable toys such as Beebots and work towards controlling screen robots. There are some lovely apps appearing for beginning programming, including Daisy the Dinosaur, BeeBot, and Move the Turtle:


You can download the slides for our session here:

Toys, Turtles and Games: Creative Computing in EYFS

and explore the internet resources by opening this bundle of links.

If you would like to get a taste of what we are working towards at the end of Key Stage 1 you could have a look at the visual programming language, Scratch, which is available online. A good place to start is the Step by Step Introduction and Starter Projects. Exploring the starter projects will give you a feel for the types of things you can make with Scratch. Notice that you can control the computer with your voice or hand gestures if you have a webcam. I love the idea of  flipping pizza dough by waving your hands!