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We had an interesting lecture on ICT  today revolving around the use of interactive whiteboards and blogs. The blogging element was useful because of links provided to other professionals blogs, such as Mr. Mitchell’s Blog, Mr. Mitchell’s New Blog and Mr. Avery’s Blog. These sort of examples are very useful as they contain examples of blogs which talk about projects, resources and the experiences of teaching.

The other aspect covered in the lecture was the use of interactive whiteboards in a lesson. It covered how the whiteboard can be utilised not only for powerpoint projections but also for interactive experiences and to have digital resources, such as dice, easily accessible .

These simple resources can make demonstrations in lessons much more exciting and engaging for children. These resources are easily accessible through SMART notebook and found easily in Notebook software which is chronically underused. Your SMART board is more often used for displaying information, or for writing on a piece of digital text, for editing. While these uses for the Interactive Whiteboard are invaluable, using them to turn written text into digital text, using it for games, for experiments, for tiny animations engages children so much more.


SMART Exchange Website where you can share your resources for your IWB

Whiteboard Blog Long list of good website for whiteboard resources

TeacherLED Great resources for mathematics and English



Whiteboard Games Games for all ages, which are labelled appropriately.

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