About the project

Mentoring is used in a wide range of contexts across the University, and is recognised as an important skill set for personal and professional development. Mentoring is part of many taught programmes across the University, as well as playing a key role in the development of teaching and support staff. In addition to this, mentoring is used to support student development and employability, through placements and links with professional mentors.

This project aims to review the variety of approaches to mentoring that exist across the institution, with a view to identifying a set of common interpersonal skills that are required for effective mentoring. While recognising that the most effective mentoring will always vary according to context, we aim to avoid unnecessary “reinventing the wheel” by providing a set of learning resources around these common requirements, which can be re-purposed according to context.

The project also recognises that much of the training current provided to mentors (whether students or professionals) is only available through face to face delivery, requiring trainees to be on campus. This project will create resources that can be used online in order to provide more flexible study options for those excluded by the current provision. The project plans to develop these core resources into a publicly available MOOC, as well as making them available for teaching staff to re-purpose as required.

Mentoring also incorporates a number of the skills central to the Changemaker philosophy, including empathy, responsibility and working with others. This course will embed these skills in the context of mentoring.

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