ICT in the classroom.

On placement, I observed lots of uses of ICT in the classroom. Our lecture today provided more ideas and links. We looked at Purple Mash as a simple introduction to early years programming.


We then moved onto looking at some apps the children could use on their IPAD which could take them from a real world scenario to the virtual world. As Toca Bloca builder uses simple block building for children, Tracy and I thought about progressing from making wooden block models and recreating them in Toca Bloca .

We also looked at Daisy the dinosaur, which would be more appropriate for upper Ks 1 children, as it required a lot more patience.

I was lucky enough to design and plan a series of ICT / maths lessons on a previous placement designed around positional language. We started off by looking at the story of 3 billy goats gruff and placed the billy goats and troll in various places according to instructions, this then progressed to creating our own map of the stream area and bridge with the grass and village, using grids in the school hall. The children were then instructed to move around the map according to the positional language we had previously used with the puppets.
This was then taken to a small group level where the bee bots were programmed to use the children’s group mats. The children seemed to make good progress throughout the week, and the language developed was remembered a week later and in the children’s play.

Music and ICT

Today in music we used ICT to create a musical composition using our voices a bell app and GarageBand. This was very useful for the composition process.

This was based on a train journey and linked below

Insert song

Placement, art and creating an interactive environment

As my setting was a nursery, the environment was changed every week. For the last 4 weeks, my placement partner and I were responsible for creating the environment. See below for some pictures of the environment we created. I’ll also upload some of the creative process that was behind our environments when I get a chance.

In an Early years environment, it is important to create a stimulating and interactive classroom to aid children in their learning. This meets teacher standards 1. Planning and creating resources for the nursery environment took up most of Friday afternoons to ensure that the resources were of high quality, and we’re inspirational to the children.










Using ICT for observation and Assessment, a 2simple build a profile review

Hello again,

On placement, the setting were provided with Samsung Galaxy tabs with 2simple build a profile apps on. They were trialling these as a way of replacing photo stickies in nursery. After using this in school, I thought that this was good for group activities as it saves time writing up 30 observations of the same activity, but for individuals, writing up the observation using pen and a sticky was much quicker as we were not used to the technology.

I then found a free app on the App Store which enabled me to trial the software for up to 5 events at a time and email it to me. This really helped focus my mind on the learning objectives.

Music directed task

Hello again,

I finally got around to doing part of my directed task and wrote a PSED song about show and tell to the tune of row, row, row your boat. Now all I have to do is make a percussion instrument.

I chose show and tell as a way of making children feel welcome into the circle to talk about an object or what they have done. The most obvious link with the EYFS is the PSED 50-60 month and early learning goals, which encourage children to be confident in speaking to others about interests, and suggests that teachers should provide regular opportunities for children to talk to their small group about something they are interested in or have done.
Whilst some children would be happy doing this in front of the whole class, some children may prefer 2 or 3 children on their table.

I would extend this activity by having the children think up words to rhyme for this weeks show and tell. We would then come up with the goodbye verse together to sing once the show and tell had ended.

Art and sound paintings

Hello again,

Thursday’s art lesson was enjoyable as it was so practical. Art is a subject that previously scared me, as my experiences in school and as a trainee teacher were always more about technique than accessing art on my level and having fun with the different mediums. Thursday’s lesson gave me some confidence in myself to teach art my way and for me to continue creating art myself.

Art ideas Pintrest Page.

I managed to also find a free art inspiration app for the iPad which may come in handy wiki paintings iTunes link.

The most enjoyable part of Thursday’s lesson for me was the exploring movement with paint and different sized balls. The video will be below as soon as the software co-operates, in the mean time, here is a photograph of the finished article.


Music and Technology

Hi again,


Today it was time for our music lesson with Sue Nicholls. It was lovely to see her again and her books are highly recommended to use in school, especially in foundation stage. It inspired me so much that I’ve been playing with Garageband in order to get the directed task out of the way. Hopefully I’ll have something for you by the end of the weekend, but just to wet your appetite, take a listen to our groups musical composition from today.

Musical Composition- uncut version




Recycled instruments


Recycled drum


Some of Sue’s books.

Internet Safety story and Into the woods.

Hello again,

This morning I created an internet safety book using storybird. The artwork you can find on storybird was great and really brought my imagination to life.

Here is a link to my story http://storybird.com/books/how-to-get-on-line-safely/. I hope you enjoy it and maybe create your own.

The Early Years group also had fun out in the woods, creating our own story with whatever props we could find , and creating our own fairy princess. Some photos of our adventure are above.

There are lots of information on the internet around internet safety .

I found this toolkit for the EYFS useful, as CEOP only publishes content for 5-7 year olds. http://www.plymouth.gov.uk/early_years_toolkit.pdf

http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/5_7/LeeandKim/ Is CEOP’s site for 5-7 year olds, with videos and tips which could easily be printed out and laminated next to  your internet connected resources in classroom. You can also visit http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/5_7/hectorsworld/ to see some cartoons to aid in establishing the rules on internet safety.