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The LD Mentor Project

Learning and Teaching Enhancement have funded a project to recruit Learning Development Mentors to assist the Learning Development provision and enhance the academic and study skills of all students. The Learning Development Mentors are evaluating the current resources in the provision and co-creating study packs to sit on the Skills Hub. The Learning Development Mentors are also completing a range of projects throughout the year to expand the impact of Learning Development throughout the institution. We currently have eight mentors all in their second and third years. Each mentor works for 4 hours a week for 40 weeks to ensure the role doesn’t impact on their own studies.

Meet the Team!

Learning Development Mentors or LD Mentors for short, are a team of students to aid the engagement of other students in seeking support with academic and study skills. In addition to supporting daily drop-ins, LD Mentors also work with one another or independently on separate projects such as creating online communities, creating new resources and getting the word out there that they are here to help. LD Mentors work throughout the week and can be found 12-1 each week day in the Drop-in area (blue sofas), Floor 2 of the Learning Hub.

Our Mentor Team:

Ben – Geography
Matt – Geography
Mya – English
Paige – Psychology
Rebecca – Games Design
Tamryn – English
Vu – English
“Hi, I am Ben. My main projects as a LD Mentor has been to work on improving awareness of the services on offer by Learning Development. I have been working on a poster/leaflet that will be added to NILE (Northampton Integrated Learning Environment) to outline the services so that students can see this information when accessing their course pages. I have also helped with the banner and created an evaluation of the LLS booking system. “

Ben, Geography

“Hi, I am Matt and I am currently redeveloping the University of Northampton Plagiarism Awareness Course (UNPAC) – to provide a modern, interactive course which will provide essential information about academic misconduct, plagiarism and referencing. I am aiming to make this course as interactive as possible; my role focuses on embedding this information for students, as it is integral that every student studying at the University understands the importance of managing information ethically.”

Matt, Geography

“Hi, I am Mya and I coordinate the Facebook posts for the LD Mentors. There’s plenty of helpful advice and tips hope to study effectively. When I am not doing that I attend weekly drop-ins assisting students with quick queries. In my role as LD Mentor, I have completed evaluations of the Skills Hub content and feedback at focus groups and initiatives where there was a need for a student perspective.”

Mya, English

“Hi, I am Paige and my main focus has been creating Tiktok’s helping students know where the book and see the LD team. I have also helped LD tutors create resources for workshops and supported them in the session. Being a student, I can offer a different perspective to planning and suggest activities which may work better. I am also working on the “spread the word” connecting with psychology and sociology students to ensure they know LD are there to help develop and enhance their study skills.”

Paige, Psychology

“Hi, I am Rebecca and as a LD Mentor, my projects have been focused on improving the bridge digitally from Learning Development to students. To do this, I have set up a Discord server that has over 35 students. I have set up the server so that not only can students gain access to the help the Learning Development offer, but they can also help each other in sharing resources that they find helpful. There is also a small ‘for fun’ section to have the server as not only an educational place, but also a relaxed environment. I also attend drop-ins every week and update the Discord server so students have a quick way to access the online drop-in!”

Rebecca, Games Design

“Hi, I am Tamryn and during my time as a LD Mentor, I have been able to better understand the full extent of the Learning Development provision offered to students. Currently, I am working towards expanding that knowledge of these services to make them more visible, and more accessible to students who would benefit, but may not be aware that we even exist! There is so much to take in and so many excellent services available and navigating everything to its full potential can be daunting. As an LD Mentor, I have worked on branding development and created a banner to make our service visible. I am also reaching out to Sport students to raise awareness of the services through “spread the word” in the hope of creating relationships with Student Representatives and Tutors to roll out this Student-Led initiative.”

Tamryn, English

“Hi, I am Vu and the Lead LD mentor on an Audiogram Project. The aim of the project is to produce short clips on social media answering questions regarding students’ difficulty with a range of subjects. These “Audiograms” will include visual and audio elements, both made with a trendy, youthful vibe in mind, in order to appeal to as many people as possible. Each episode will be posted on different social media. The audiograms are tips to students from students and looks to promote the Skills Hub and the LD provision too.”

Vu, English