UON now has the 4th highest proportion of GEM applicants in the English HE sector, however, notable gaps between white and GEM students still exist in attainment and continuation. Research has revealed a range of potential reasons behind these gaps, with the recommendations for closing these now relatively well-established. However, much less research has been conducted about the implementation and adoption of such recommendations. Studies that have taken place have tended to focus on the ‘usual suspects’, i.e. staff already involved in inclusive and/or anti-racist pedagogical projects. The ‘Beyond the Usual Suspects’ project aimed to fill this gap in research by conducting a questionnaire and interviews with staff at UON to investigate levels of adoption of ‘good practice’ recommendations and explore barriers and challenges to taking up recommendations. This seminar will share findings from this project and next steps.
Date: 27th June 2023
Time: 1-2pm
Location: Online
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Dr Siobhan Dytham and Dr Aura Lehtonen