Promoting Academic Integrity from a Policy and Practice perspective.

Staff need(s) the workshop will address

I’ve just agreed to become an Academic Integrity Officer. What does this role entail and how can I effectively fulfil my responsibilities?

How do I ensure that my practice aligns with current policy and process requirements, especially after an annual policy update?

How do I ensure that there is equity and parity in my approach, when compared to that of other colleagues undertaking this role?

I’ve been asked to sit on an Academic Misconduct Panel. What do I do?

Who would benefit from this workshop:

Staff new to the Academic Integrity Officer role or current AIOs seeking to update their knowledge and practice after annual policy changes become effective.
Audience: Academic Staff
Length of Session: 2hrs

If you are interested in this workshop, please email
The workshop will run on-demand.

How the Workshop will contribute to Learning Practice

Through this workshop you will:

Learn how the Academic Integrity and Misconduct Policy and associated processes work in practice.

Explore how to become part of a joined-up approach across different University teams that effectively tackles academic misconduct from initial tutor referral to appeals at an Academic Misconduct Panel.

Discuss with other AIOs how to implement policy and practice in a consistent and equitable manner that delivers effective and timely student outcomes.

How the Workshop will develop specific skills aligned with UKPSF

Specific skills
Participants will learn how to review student assessments in the light of the requirements of the University Academic Integrity Policy with a view to deciding whether academic misconduct has occurred and apply penalties as appropriate.

Core Knowledge
Through this workshop you will understand the importance of the AIO role in maintaining the quality of UON awards, through ensuring that student work presented for academic credit is their own.

Professional Values
Academic integrity is ensured at the level of the individual student – as an AIO, you will play a key role in ensuring that our policy and associated processes and practice are fit for purpose and deliver fair outcomes for our students.

How the Workshop supports Fellowship D1, D2 & D3

D2 – Fellow of the HEA
Staff for whom teaching or learning support is a significant element of their role such as staff with experience as

  • Academic or Support staff holding substantive teaching & learning responsibilities.
  • Experienced professionals with substantive teaching & learning responsibilities including for example within workplace settings.

D3 – Senior Fellow of the HEA
Experienced HE teaching staff able to demonstrate sustained impact & influence on the L&T practice of others over a number of years, through

  • Leading, managing, organising programmes
  • Mentoring other staff
  • Departmental, School or other University responsibilities