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It seems that there are plenty of great apps around to use in the classroom BUT of course it is necessary to have an ipad or access to one, at least for the teacher if not the whole class. At present, according to Besa only 4.5% of pupil facing computers are tablets which led me to consider which resources then are the favourites within the primary classroom for use on pc’s/laptops. I posed the question to educators on twitter and here are some of the suggestions.

Tom Barratt tweeted this one – Funky Mummy a fun game incorporating number bonds to 20. On the website there is also a Golden time register, dinner register and ICT games for maths from Andy Barratt .

Jodie Lopez-Collins recommends Comic Life, it looks great fun and can be utilised within all areas of the curriculum. Another favourite to stir up those reluctant writers! Here’s a quick guide.

2Simple Software’s purple mash is popular with many teachers including  Andrew Evans and Camilla Mercer with 2paintapicture coming highly rated. We looked at some of these in year 1 of our studies and it’s great to see they are recommended and used in the classroom. Here is a link to 2paintapicture in action.

Chris Dicken recommends ACIDplanet great for music creation and the kids love it he says because it makes “real music”.

This is one that I wanted to share although it is for the ipad – Carol Allen tweeted this one  from Ian Beam. I recommend exploring these particularly for use with SEN.

Thanks to all who contributed, I will definitely be using these in my classroom in the future.


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