I have just seen a tweet about Quadblogging and wanted to share it with you. The topic came up at the recent BLT meet shared by Andy Evans from Kingswood Primary, Corby and is a brilliant way to ensure your school blog gets the interaction from others it deserves. David Mitchell developed Quadblogging in 2011 initially between 4 classes in his school, then between 4 schools in the UK with the tweet I had today saying “100,000+ pupils in 3500 classes from 40 countries blogging and collaborating” via Quadblogging. This is absolutely amazing and has given children’s work huge global exposure. Through those links with other schools will come increased awareness of countries, cultures and communities. Through blogging children’s work gains massive exposure which is a huge incentive to children to showcase their work, as David Mitchell explains when interviewed by Steve Wheeler (2012)Give a learner a global platform to publish their learning and you’ll see these learners apply 100% effort because if they don’t, their audience will tell them!” A┬árationale for blogging which I agree with as I appreciated when developing my ICT poster last year the real “Power of the Blog”. Even Pie Corbett makes a case for blogging in the classroom on David Mitchells blog! Take a look and be inspired to join in.

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  1. Andrew Evans says:

    Thank you for your voicemail on our class blog. The children loved listening to it, and we’ve written a blog post about wjy we love quadblogging. This is the link:




    • Lindsay says:

      Thanks year 1 for replying to me. I have shared what you love about Quadblogging’ with the other trainee teachers at the University and they are very impressed. Maybe when we all have our own classes next year we may be in touch again and become part of a Quad with you!

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    • Lindsay says:

      Thanks for the recommendation Chad. I really think we should all be joining a Quad and Quadblogging from our new classrooms next year!

  3. Treena says:

    How fantastic is this! Blogging is really new to me and quadblogging sounds brilliant. I really enjoyed reading the information you have provided on your blog with the links. It is really interesting that you have also mentioned OFSTED. I also like the rules that the children have to follow when quadblogging. Kingswood Primary is very local to where I live in Corby and what a great opportunity for the children to communicate with other schools. Lara’s blog website http://mypad.northampton.ac.uk/09322018/
    has also provided information about audioboos which the children are using. Thank you

  4. Nicola says:

    Hi Lindsay, thank you for drawing my attention to this issue. I have recently been considering how children could use blogging in the classroom and to what benefits it would serve and have therefore been enlightened! I definitely agree with David Mitchell’s statement regarding children’s performance in front of an audience and consequently feel that Quadblogging is an exceptional idea. If all schools could implement a blogging scheme into their classrooms, then I think that some amazing work would be produced. Also, if parents were allowed access to these blogs, then they would be able to regularly see the work that their child is producing and possibly comment upon it.

    • Lindsay says:

      The best thing about it in my eyes is the global exposure it offers. Children will share their blog with children in other countries which will only help develop their awareness of other countries, communities and cultures. Who knows it may generate blogging friendships that last a lifetime!

  5. Treena says:

    Yes, I agree Lindsay, there is a big world out there and the children are being given this marvellous opportunity of blogging to provide them with a great experience to communicate and learn from other children.

  6. Kerry says:

    I absolutely love the idea of Quadblogging. It gives the children a fantastic opportunity to share their work with others and discover what others are learning about too. Like you, I like the global possibilities of this and feel that this is an aspect the children would love too.

    With only blogging one week in four and commenting for the other three I feel that this would keep the blog going and not fizzle out because of time constraints.

    I love this. Thank you for sharing.

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