Mobile Technologies: curriculum applications (Session 5)

Today we are going outside!

We are looking at using QR codes in the primary classroom. QR stands for ‘quick read’, these are quick scannable images, like bar codes, which take you to a digital destination such as a written or spoken message (using audioboo), a document, website or photo when you hold the camera of an iPad, iPod or a smart phone, up to them. You need to download an app first in order to be able to read them, we used but once you have they can save time and paper and can be used in a variety of ways within the primary classroom. Scan this one to see a special message!

Kerry, Chad and I decided to generate a scavenger hunt with QR codes hiding the pictorial clues and a key word. When all key words have been collected an inspiring quote from Albert Einstein will be revealed. This we felt added an extra literary challenge to the outdoor activity and was a way of ensuring all participants followed the hunt clues and not each other around!

On reflection maybe we were ambitious wanting to add picture clues rather than word clues but we felt it added another element to the challenge which could then be adapted to suit all learners. It was time consuming in that we had to add the word clue to the image using PowerPoint  then upload our images to Photobucket and use this image to create the QR code using

Here is the finished article using Photo Peach.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination” (Albert Einstein)

Having looked at guides on ‘How to use QR codes’ I had a look at coolcatteacher’s flat classroom website as she always has some great ideas. Here is her QR code guide  which although targets year 8 students (her class) has some interesting ideas about using QR codes in all classrooms.

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