Mobile Technologies (Session 4)

In our ICT class today we played with the ipads. Well I say played actually we were researching apps for use in the classroom (OK played) with a view to developing our own resource next session. I really liked the QR codes using which enables you to create your own QR codes which you can then use in a multitude of ways in the classroom; from giving displays a new twist allowing children to talk to you about their work to developing an orienteering trail or scavenger hunt using the school grounds.

I then moved on to looking at the imovies app which enables you to create your own movies or trailers using pre-loaded themes. This is something I intend to spend a bit more time looking at. I then went on to creating my own character using the morfo app which I intended to use in my imovie but unfortunately ran out of time. I don’t actually know where the time does go in our ICT classes at the moment. Anyway here is my character:

Once made the characters can be made into a video which could then have been ‘spliced’ into my imovie, but is I say time just ran right out.

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