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Last night Chad McDonald and I went along to Simon de Senlis Primary School to attend the latest BLT meet. It was a great venue for a great event. There were 70+ attendees ranging in status from humble students like ourselves through NQT’s, ICT coordinators, Headteachers and even ‘celebrities’ such as Tom Barrett, and Ewan McIntosh. We had a great time sharing learning with our teacher colleagues. Attendees were given 2 or 7 minute slots to tell us about something ICT related going on in their classrooms. We had a range of ¬†classroom ICT related items; successful blog stories, lots of ipad app’s were shared the best in my mind being GreenScreen and tagging.¬†Tom Barrett outlined the use of tags to share and track the learning journeys of children in the classroom using Evernote; brilliant for assessment.

We worked together using the brilliant reusable and stickable Magic Whiteboard roll (a Dragons Den success story) to create 100 ideas in 10 minutes on ‘How might we make learning better for pupils?’ The crazier the better.

These were then mounted on the walls and we all had the chance to explore them.

A great forum for shared learning all round, and highly recommended.

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  1. Louise says:

    The meeting sounds really interesting and sounds like you learnt a lot. I am sure all the ideas mentioned in the meeting will be useful in teaching ICT in the future.


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