Computing skills and techniques (Session 2)

I must admit to feeling a little fazed initially by the word ‘programming’ but having seen my daughter (year 7) use Scratch in year 6 at her after school ICT club I felt it was something I would be able to understand and hopefully in time use within my own classroom. Scratch is well set up with many video tutorials to explain the necessary basic elements of programming, enabling speedy results to be achieved.

Here is my initial effort (a very simple animation with sound), which produced interesting comments from Phoebe who in turn then added some of her own elements to an existing and much more interesting game found on the Scratch website.











Here’s the link to the actual game on the Scratch website


Whack the most witches in the time allowed. Click on the witches to make them disappear
Learn more about this project
I must admit seeing Phoebe use the Scratch programming tools with ease has inspired me and I know the children in schools will love it!

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2 Responses to Computing skills and techniques (Session 2)

  1. Chad says:

    I really like the Whack the Witches game! I agree that Scratch makes teaching computer programming relatively easy to do, with the range of tutorials available online to help with the basics and provide inspiration for activities.

    • Lindsay says:

      Thanks Chad I will let Phoebe know you like it! I think that one of the pluses about Scratch is that you can take something someone else has worked on and add your own twist. This allows children to really feel they are a ‘games maker’ and can only serve to inspire them to develop their own programming skills.

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